Looking high and low for 10 C red caviar jumbo ...too

Aug 21, 2008
Looking for that red 10 C caviar jumbo as well

I know there are a couple of other tpf-ers looking for this too and i m not sure if it might be rude to "hijack" their thread and post my lookout for one too . So saying that , i beseech kind tpf-ers here to grant me any info in getting one .

Most importantly it has to be an SA or boutique that ships international as I do not reside in United States.

I did ask my SA to help me look out for it , but he says there is only a minute chance of getting it , since for the red caviar , majority of it for his store is ordered in jumbo maximum which i m not sure arrived at his store anot .

Sigh.. I try not to get lured over to ebay too even though personal shoppers is having one going at exorbitant price.


IG minnie0104
Aug 4, 2006
My SA ( boutique SA). told me that right now is very hard to find. because most boutiques ordered the maxi. and they are starting to arrive to the States. but do not give up. he said this color/size combination will most likely will be available again around Spring. ( i am talking the real Spring season 2010) . So if you can wait that long, then you can call and start wait list . ;) NM did not buy jumbo, Saks and Nordie have long wait list. you will have better chance to call the boutiques direct. and they ship overseas.
Aug 21, 2008
hihi minnie, i did call a couple of places/ SA reccommend one of which is Cindy Anton ( god was it saks ? ) and she told me that the waitlist is closed already, since it like so so long ?!

I did ask my SA kiet from Houston , Texas to help me find one and even let him have my CC details so the chances of getting the bag is higher ... But the chnaces of getting one is not really good i should think . He is helping me look for the blue roi too and Even though he says there a good chnace getting that one , i m not hearing anything from him yet....
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Feb 17, 2009
A week ago, a friend from Singapore informed me about the red'10 jumbo caviar. I didn't know that it was suppose to be released yet, so i was late in hunting spree in US store. She said the sales still have 5 stock for it. The babies just recently arrived in Singapore about a week ago