Looking Good, Tina!

  1. [​IMG]
    (I beleive Miss Turner is on her way to the Armani show during Milan's Fashion Week.)
  2. Love her! Best legs ever.
  3. I hate that wig for some reason. It doesn't suit her... does anyone else think it's very fake looking?
  4. She rocks! actually anytime I hear of her I think of my friend who used to sing her songs all the time, and dress up like her for halloween...he was a sweetie, I miss singing Tina with him.
  5. Hey, Danica: "Big wheels keep on turnin, Proud Mary keep on burnin' . . . . "
  6. haha! I can't tell you how many times he'd get everyone to sing and do the moves to that one! at parties, no less. heehe *sigh* oh us!
  7. What happened to your friend, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Love the hair!
  9. What a woman. I love her.
  10. Well...we sort of lost touch, he went through some personal things on his part and kind of became distant from everyone. Anytime we'd see each other we were so excited and would always make plans to hang out which never happened. Now I live a 2 days drive away. Caitlin you live where he likes to party, maybe you'll run into him! lol
  11. I love her! :love:
  12. She looks great. Wish we all could age that well!
  13. Looking great!!
  14. Oh I love her!
  15. Yeah, she's still hot.