Looking Forward to all the New Reveals Tomorrow!

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  1. Don't hold back with your pictures tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen! I have work off for Good Friday and I will be planted on tpf waiting for your reveals! ;)
  2. Lol!!! Love the heads up I'll post mine as soon as I get it I have work off tomorrow and I'll be making my trip!
  3. I am going to my boutique tomorrow too :yahoo:
  4. Excited for you both!!! The new bags are on my radar screen, and I'm glad to get the chance to see them!
  5. Is Good Friday a shopping day? :confused1: I'll be at work as usual!
  6. So jelly of those with boutiques that get an early haul. Mine confirmed they did NOT get the shipment in evening delivery tonight. Sad for me. This means I wait more than a week because of vacay travel. I was hoping to take a palm dots NF on my trip. Drat!

  7. Were you thinking of getting the pink or the one with blue dots?

  8. I've decided on the pink. I wanted the blue, originally, but changed that view when I saw it.

  9. Did you see it in person?
  10. Think this might be of interest to you all. I contacted LV on Facebook to ask if they had the collection in store in Edinburgh yet, and they said:

    "Dear Lavender Rose,

    Thank you for contacting Louis Vuitton.
    In regards to your query, this particular collection is not available as of yet in store, unfortunately, we have not been informed of the exact release date.

    We thank you for your interest in Louis Vuitton and remain at your disposal for any further questions.

    Kind regards,"

    They did not sign it with their name, so this could be an inexperienced employee using a template because they are too lazy to research (I am very familiar with call centres, I know this happens a lot). Still thought I would share.

  11. Hi there! Yes I saw real life photos from a friend. Although my boutique (that I wish to patronize) did not receive them in advance.

  12. In my experience, CS will stick to the "release date" even though there are stores that merchandise the bags earlier. I'm 100% sure there are stores that have already received the shipment. Some might give a sneak peak to well-known customers or VIPs, but tell others they are not in yet to avoid getting in trouble.

  13. Omg love this, too cute.
  14. I've just contacted CS to see if they had the uk price for the DA croisette but they weren't able to tell until the release date of the 1st.
  15. My SA just called. My bag is in however it can't be sold before next Friday so she has it on reserve for me.