Looking fora Luna?

  1. I was in Colorado Springs today and the Macy's at Chapel Hills Mall (719-528-1500) had a bunch of Lunas:

    5 Cittas at 25% off - 4 had what I would consider perfect print placement (street scene with the girls) and one had more of the upper part of the print. Both sides were the same on every bag.

    4 Forestas at 25% off - 3 had full repeats of the tree part of the scene on each side, the 4th one had the Koi fish part of the scene on each side.

    2 Citta Rosas at 50% off - Both with perfect print placement on each side - street scene with the girls.

    And one citta Portatelefono at 50% off, missing the qee.

    They do chargesend but only with a Macy's card (or so the SA said) And additional 15% off starting either tomorrow or Friday (the SA was not sure which day) and running thru the weekend if you use your Macy's card.

    Hope this helps someone out!!

    (double posted to the "deals" thread as well)
  2. how much are the lunas? I never really paid attention to the retail price :sweatdrop:

    and thanks for letting us know!!
  3. Before the extra 15% with the sale this weekend, the Citta Rosas are $105. The Foresta and Cittas are $157.
  4. ah so tempting! but i think ima wait on more prints... ive gotten a couple citta rosas already :sad: plus i need to pay my macy's card before i can get anything... i need more money!
  5. Thanks, but too bad the foresta isnt 50% off! Still a good deal....Im going to sleep on the citta rose luna! 105 is pretty good!
  6. im broke!! cant afford one haha...i doubt i'd use it anyways..i have no where to use that !
  7. WOW :wtf: Thanks so much for posting this, I've been looking for a Luna!! DreamsofToki, you're the BEST!! :heart:
  8. since when do we girls get practical about our bags?:smile:
  9. LoL, exactly! ;) I probably won’t use a Luna as often as my Zucca, but the Citta/Citta Rosa print looks so good on a Luna! I wouldn’t be able to use my Luna in the airport though. I wouldn’t want luggage attendants kicking around my bag! :cursing:

    Maybe I’ll convince my husband to take me out on overnight trips more often! :idea:

    Also, thanks to DreamsOfToki again for this amazing find! :flowers:
    I can’t call for another two hours! But I’m so happy I won’t have to use evil-bay for my toki purchases!

    I :heart: this forum, because I :heart:finding sales! :party:
  10. i keep calling n calling but no one is picking up =( I really wanna get the citta rosa luna and a foresta luna for my aunt!
  11. That store is pretty dead during the day I think they probably have a skeleton staff.

    At that store Jewelry is close to handbags, maybe you could try that department? And they could hunt someone up for you??

    I'd offer to go get it and send it, but I don't know when I'll be going back to Colorado Springs again.
  12. yeah that's what i was figuring...since i had a similiar problem before trying to get a luna foresta + citta rosa at the santa barbara,ca store..they didn't schedule anyone to work in handbags so i got screwed over and lost a good price! I will not lose it again!
  13. Bubblesung- the handbag department doesn't seem to pick up their calls so i tried the shoes department and had the man there pick up the bag for me and did my transaction through him! you should try women shoes first and tell them handbags isn't picking up.
  14. good to know! what bags did u get? n did u get the extra 15% off?
  15. Bubblesung- Sorry for the late reply, I caught a cold and have been out of it... I got a Citta Rosa Luna since those were 1/2 off! :yes: I would have been happy with just a Citta Luna too. There should be another Citta Rosa left.

    I got another 15% off, because I applied for a Macy's card. I didn't have one before. :sweatdrop:

    Hope you can get what you wanted, Bubblesung. That foresta print sounds good too!