looking for ....

  1. is it possible to find ?

    Signature Gallery Tote Front.jpg
  2. I thought I just saw that same bag at the boutique.. if not it was VERY similar. :yes:
  3. still lookingfor that bag, in the same dark brown same style.. please let me know if you see one on eBay,. thanks
  4. LoL! I have this exact bag too. We must have the same taste on all of our Coach goodies! I got mine off of e-bay:yes:
  5. Have you seen the new ones? They have a bit more structure and won't sag as much as last year's style (the one pictured). It's the Gallery Tote, comes in Small and Large.

    I have one of each in black - small for the handbag use, and large for a work tote to carry books/files. Of course, I don't use them together - that's overkill!
  6. Here ya go:
  7. ^^ you area doll... I keep refreshing my search hoping to find one .. i'm going to check those out now.. thanks again.
  8. Thanks, I like the floppiness of this bag :smile: I Have seen the new ones but prefer this one.
  9. Oh wow thats just too funny...
  10. This is such a great bag! I have it sitting in my closet and I think you have inspired me to use it today! Hope you are able to find it :smile:
  11. ^^ thanks i'm still looking...