looking for.

  1. wondering if the vinyl cabas is still available anywhere in the "smaller" version? eBay is full of dreadful fakes.

    also, if anyone knows where i can find the PB tote in its newer version. the shinier material?

    thanks. any help would be appreciated!
  2. There's a couple of threads (one started by me and another from someone else) asking the same thing...Unfortunately, the one lead we got turned out to be a bust. Damian (Saks SA) said he still has a waiting list from LAST December on these...There were a couple on eBay, but they went for way more than the original $999. Good luck!
  3. I saw some of the new PB totes at the Wynn Chanel boutique the last time I was there. Call 702-765-5055.

  4. thanks, bulletproof. do you happen to know if they retail for the same price as the original? and jeanne, yeah, i saw =( we're outta luck i guess!
  5. My sa just called me today about Cruise 08, and she said there is a vinal "cabas like" bag. It apparently does not have any CC stiched anywhere, but she said it is very reminiscent of the original. It comes in a few sizes and colors too.