Looking for..

  1. I am wondering if some of you guys own the Louis Vuitton Trapeze PM Rose/Pink. I love this bag:drool: since it first came out.. still hoping i can get one :push:

    post some pics if you can

  2. I think they are all gone. But call 1866 to make sure.
  3. it was from the Cruise 2005 line, so it would be gone by now. eBay or let-trade is your best bet. here's mine:


  4. Nice bag, good luck with your search- let us know if you have any luck!
  5. there was 2 on eBay a few days ago.
  6. ^^^^

    Yeux, you have the BEST bags,
    and you model them SO well !!!!!!!
    ( i 'd kill for your collecction.....)
  7. I love that bag. I should have bought it when I had the chance!
  8. I have one, and although I seldom use it it's one of my favourite pieces:
  9. i like this bag as well. ebay has a couple and let-trade has one in brown.
  10. what a gorgeous bag!
  11. It's a great bag. Sometimes I wish I got it instead of the mini lin ebene speedy. They always seem to pop up on ebay and LT.
  12. thanks guys i know i should have bought it few yrs ago..it is a such nice bag i still love it after all these yrs