Looking for Zac Posen Aurora & Alexia.

  1. I was going to get the Zac Posen Aurora in the purple and black and the Alexia in black for my sis when they came out but instead I got a Gucci and Chloe purse but now I kind of have some regret.

    I've been searching for it but its too late its been sold out and hard to find. I've even searched eBay and some are fake and awful. I guess I want them more now that I know its gone. I was going to use the Aurora as a nice stylish work bag for me. I love purple its my fave!

    Does anyone have any suggestions or have one they are willing to sell? It's become my mission lately I have listed the pics of the bags I am looking for below. Thanks!
    rachelposen.jpg 98501_misha_001_122_377lo.preview.jpg
  2. Why didn't I think of Shopbop?! They do have the alexia in black :yahoo:but they don't have the purple/black aurora I was looking for. I don't know what to do! But I don't want so many black purses though but its such a good price :confused1:

    Thanks snowtire!!
  3. i say go for it. as you said in your orig. post you can use it as a stylish work bag. and i think the bag looks fantastic with casual jeans and white tee, too!!

    i think the purple/black aurora is past season and i don't think they're making it in that color combo anymore. you can check out www.zacposen.com for the most current collection. HTH!
  4. Yeah I know its a past season I want it because its purple. I think that might be the only reason? Now I see they have the black Antonia. I originally wanted the grey but thats impossible now. Out of all three which one? Or do you think the Bbag in black would be a better work bag then the aurora. I don't know if you can wear the aurora as a shoulder bag I can only go so long carrying it as a tote. I really do prefer shoulder bags. I really am being a drama queen. Sometimes when I have a hard time deciding I play the fate game. If I come back later and its still there then it was meant to be.
  5. I have a zac posen Abbey satchel, I wanted the black but it was sold out so I settled for red, kinda regret it now because I dont use it hardly at all. I think if I had waited and looked around for a black I would have carried it a lot more.
  6. Hi crazybaglady I'm sorry you feel so sad. If you don't carry it you can always sell it on eBay or something and get a black purse you will love and carry. What about the black aurora? Its very nice. Shopbop and eluxury are having some major sells on some of the Zac Posen purses.
  7. I really want the Alexia on eLuxury, but they don't ship to the UK! Arghhh! Anyone know of stockists in the UK? (I don't think NAP carries this style).