Looking for your perfect mascara? Look no further! (Pictures included)

  1. Ok I was bored... and I know lots of girls are still out there looking for that elusive perfect mascara for them. For me, i've found it, but only after i've bought out pretty much the whole mascara aisle. I've decided to do a comparison to help you out.

    Just a bit of background info before we start: i'm Asian (but my grandmother was Russian, so I have been blessed with longer than usual eyelashes for an Asian :shame:smile:. What my lashes lack is volume and definitely curl. I've also always been in the mindset that Asian mascaras are for Asian people, who have very different lashes to other ethnicities, so they make mascaras best suited for Asian people. Because of that, the five mascaras i've rated here are all Asian brands.

    I've also curled my eyelashes with Shu Uemura's legendary eye lash curler. Just a small squeeze, i've done it for all pictures, even the one without mascara.

    With that said, here they are:

    From top to bottom (sorry the bottom one is cut off a bit, but they roll around!):
    The fabled Dejavu Fiberwig
    The... not so famous Cineora Long Lash Mascara
    The expensive Anna Sui Volume Mascara
    The risque-ly named Palgantong D-cup Mascara
    aaaaand the very long bottled Palgantong Perfect Long and Curl Mascara.

    Onto the comparison:

    The picture is uh... rather large, here is a direct link: http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m19/ad1_08/eyes.jpg

    My comments: while Fiberwig doesn't look like it does much, it is still my absolute favourite mascara for one reason: it does not move. Honest to God, I went to a cinema, cried my eyes out, and it didn't move. As long as you don't touch the lash in anyway (it comes right off with warm water and a bit of wiping on your part which is another reason why I like it) it won't move. I've always hated having mascara smudges under your eye.

    Anna Sui mascara just annoys me. It clumps and makes your lashes look short.

    My absolute winner out of all of these would be Palgantong Perfect Long and Curl... it doesn't clump, does what it claims to and adds volume. Only problem is it has issues staying on.

    Most of these mascaras can be found on Sasa.com.

    Any comments or questions, ask away :yes:.
  2. Wow, thanks so much for this. I'm on the search for a mascara and this definitely helps. I use Too Faced, but it comes off in big clumps and after I watched a show where the owner bought his chihuahua a 250K diamond necklace, I vowed never to buy anything from that line again!!
  3. thanks girl! this was so helpful! i love that sasa.com website...they seem to deliver to every place but under the sea. lol. have you ordered from them before?
  4. It's ok!

    I've never ordered from sasa online, but they're a giant chain of stores in Hong Kong and I have bought from their actual stores. The customer service is wonderful, so I definitely don't think online would be any different.
  5. Lol what's this about the chihuahua? You lost me there...
  6. I think she is talking about the creator of Too Faced cosmetics.

    I saw that same episode where he was walking around looking for jewelry for his doggie, LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for this mascara review! I've never had a problem with eyelash length, just volume BUT I've always wanted to try more Asian mascaras. I've only used "American" ones. (ie - Clinique, Dior, Maybelline, Revlon, etc.) and Fiberwig.
  7. I use Too Faced Lash Injection, which is owned by this man.

    He was on Style Network on a TV show about people with a lot of money, and he bought his chihuahua a 250k necklace, obviously with money from their cosmetic line. That really bothered me, so I have vowed to never buy their products... lol
  8. Oh dear God I swear that's a sort of animal abuse... ok maybe not, but I imagine my dog would just eat the necklace like he always does.
  9. Interesting thread :yes:
    Just a question re: Shu Uemura's legendary eye lash curler...

    Why do you & everyone else think it's better than the others? Does it give a better shape to the lashes or something? People say it's great but never explain what sets it apart from other eyelash curlers? Thanks...
  10. For me it's that a light squeeze actually curls them as opposed to crimping them. You know how some curlers just kind of... do a big kink in the eyelashes and they stick right up instead of having a nice curl? Shu Uemura curlers curl the lashes.

    Plus I feel like they're much more gentle, but that's probably just me.
  11. Thanks for the thread! Like you, I'm asian, but with unusually long eyelashes as well !
  12. ^ Ohhhh that site is fantastic. I don't know if my bank account can handle it :shame:

  13. Thanks for clearing that up:okay: I understand what you're saying. I'll have to give the Shu Uemura curler a go sometime!
  14. ^^ Yup, and that one squeeze actually lasts all day so you don't have to worry about going back and re-curling your lashes. That's what I love about the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

    Helium, thanks for the info. I've got to try that Palgantong one and see what it's about!
  15. slightly off topic but have you tried BLINC KISS ME mascara? its similar to the fiberwig but i feel like its slightly better, any thoughts on it?? anyone else tried it?