Looking For XBox 360-Help!

  1. One of my sons just called me stating that he finally decided he wanted one of his Christmas presents to be an XBox 360! Is this one of those impossible to find items? If not, does anyone know where best to start looking?? I appreciate any leads.
  2. You shouldn't have a problem finding the Xbox 360, the hard one to get is the Wii. I know that Best Buy has the 360 in their ad this sunday (12/16), but I would imagine that you can probably find one at any of the big box retailers (Target, Circuit, Best Buy etc...), most of these places should have it on their website as well. There are different versions of the 360 available, the arcade, the pro with hdmi, the elite and the halo 3 special edition. The one that most people go for is the pro with hdmi (this way if your son wants to get the optional HD dvd player for it, he can hook it up with hdmi cables), this version comes with 2 free games in the box.
  3. I saw xbox360 at Costco today
  4. Wow!! What a big help you are Imk!! Thanks so much! He didn't elaborate, so I'm not certain which one he wants. However, based on what you just told me, I would assume that it's the pro. That's fine. I just recall him having waited in line last year for I believe the same item (for my oldest son). He waited outside of Walmart for over 36 hours in freezing rain. And would you believe...during the day he was in school, so I took his place in line!! Yes I did. It was kinda fun actually...I felt like a chaperone as about everyone in line was under 25 years of age! What mothers won't do for their kids!! It reminded me of when they were very young and we would wait in line for beenie babies(once, it was overnight!)!! Oh...not good...I just had a flashback!! LOL!! NYW...you speak as if it's from experience. Do you yourself own one?
  5. Thanks lulublue!
  6. ^ :yes: Same here! They had TONS of them!
  7. I haven't purchased one yet, because I only want a couple of the games that they make for it so I've had a hard time trying to justify spending $350 on it for just 2 games. I do happen to work at a place that sells them, so that is why I know a lot about them, if you have any questions on it, feel free to ask.
  8. yeap, you can find both console and games at Costco
  9. Amazon has them with free shipping and no tax (depending where you live).
  10. after rereading your post, does he wants the Xbox 360 "Go Pro" or "Pro" ... you will need to find out because they are not the same.
  11. there are ALOT..... few packages ot choose from...:tup:
  12. there are 4 models to choose from w/varrying prices:

    1. halo model - this is a green/gold color, is a special edition and comes a matching wireless controller. It's 20gb hard drive and also comes w/a wired headset. IMO it's ugly. $399.99

    2. arcade model - this is not worth any money IMO. $279.99 and only has 256mb memory and no hard drive! This one is white.

    3. premium model - this is the one we got. $349.99 and comes w/20gb hard drive, wireless controller and 2 free games. This one is white too.

    4. elite model - this one is black and comes with 120gb hard drive, hdmi cable, 2 free games, headset and black wireless controller for $449.99.

    You can also buy a HD player right now for about $179.99 and you get 5 free HD DVD's in a rebate.

    They also have bundles at CC and BB or you can get one at Costco which comes with an extra white controller and a plug n play which basically saves you $20 - whoopie!
  13. You ladies are awesome!!! Thanks to all of you for your great help!! Now...if I can just get him to tell me which one! I've yet to figure out why kids (he's 21) wait until the last minute to tell you about something they want. I laughed when he told me that he would gladly take a Wii if I could find one!!!
  14. ^^If anyone is looking for a wii Sunday 16th is the day to get one. Best Buy, Targets, Kmarts and ToysRUs are putting them out early AM Sunday!! You may have to stand in line though.
  15. saw a 360 tonite @ local walmart.

    i dont think they are hard to get.