looking for white reissue ss08 in 227

  1. hi, if anyone or any SA ALL AROUND THE WORLD who knows the stock of this white reissue ss08 in size 227 or jumbo, or when will it coming, please please do PM me =) thx u

    oh and anybody knows when the reissues for ss08 are going to be stop in production? *need to give myself a due date for searching the reissues hehe*

    thank you so much for your attn ladies =)
  2. Not 227 but 226 that I know is available at Brompton branch in London,UK.
  3. Try SF Chanel - they had a lot of White at the show, but I didn't pay attention to it.

    Ask for Jennifer 415/981.1550.
  4. thank you ladies, but i still have no luck finding one...anybody else, please help...
  5. are u looking for matellic white reissue or off white reissue?