Looking For White & Red Fendi Spy

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  1. hello ladies!
    as many of you guys are, i am also a spy lover. unfortunately I still dont own one due to financial constraints, and also because I still haven't found the exact one that I want! The first time i ever fell in love with the fendi spy was when my cousin's girlfriend was carrying the white one with the red handles. and since then I've been looking for that one FOREVER everywhere but I have yet to spot it. I have no idea, but have they stopped making them? i'm really sad... have any of you guys ever seen it on sale.. either online or in person? I'd love your feedback on this.

    Oh, and I've attached the picture of Gwen Stefani carrying it.

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  2. That is one HOT bag and it's on my wishlist too - but somehow all the people who managed to grab one aren't letting go!

    Good luck in finding it!
  3. I saw one a week ago on ebay. The seller's name is "southbethany". Started at 900USD. I'm not sure if it's sold already. You can try asking the seller if she still has it for sale. The seller "southbethany" got this bag from seller "cuffandtweed" for 1700USD. Search for item number 150017183881. Hope this helps!

  4. Good call Grandebag, yes I saw that one do not think it sold you should get in touch with the buyer she probably got fed up with listing it as she listed twice to my knowledge
  5. ^I agree with Saich. She did list twice, and second time started at $900. I was surprised no one bought it.
  6. It could be the condition of the bag.
  7. I was very wary about posting about this bag because the seller has sold fake spies ("cognac" and black) and fake balenciaga city bags in the past. I dunno. IMO, once a fake bag seller, always a fake bag seller.
  8. omg i didn't know it was up on ebay!! i guess it was recent because i'd stopped looking there since i was so discouraged by all the fakes on it. well i REALLY hope that was a fake... it still looks soooo pretty though.

    and yes, no one seems to be letting go of their red/white spy, whoever has them!!!! :sad:

    and thanks everyone, you guys are so good!
  9. btw... does it look fake??? the first seller's description on her ebay page is like so genuine and descriptive. but then, if she sold it and repurchased it because she regretted it, WHY IN THE WORLD would she be selling it yet AGAIN?!?! maybe the person who first bought it returned it because it was fake. blah

    its SOOOOOOOOOOO beeyooootiful...

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  10. The other reason why she might have sold it for very little is because the leather yellowed. I have friends who own the bag that tell me that because the treatment of the leather is similar to patent, the leather yellows very easily, and also absorbs other colors very easily.
  11. argh!!!! a lil too late. it ended just today.