Looking for White Medium Pocket

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  1. I tried to call Chloe NY, but they had already closed I guess, because I did not get an answer. Chloe in SCP is already sold out, and the other numbers listed as Chloe boutiques on the webpage do not have it. :sad2:

    If anyone sees the medium pocket in the white/blanc color, please let me know.
  2. I hope you find it, ET. I'll keep my eyes open for you. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! The Seattle Nordstrom put my name down on the list in case some come in...they said they might get some in before MAY! Tempted to order from Roz, although the overseas thing on eBay kind of scares me...:blink:
  4. I bought my wallet from her, no problem. Once it hits the US it comes via USPS
  5. How long does it usually take once she ships? She said that she can only insure up to 500 GPB, which makes me nervous in case anything happens...but I guess I could always file something with PayPal?:blink: I LOVE the white! (And two days ago I wasn't even interested in the white...go figure.)
  6. ET, if she uses Royal Mail International Signed-for, that provides insurance up to 500GBP. But as nawth21 correctly stated, if you opt for Parcelforce Datapost, you can purchase more insurance. Parcelforce comes with 150GBP insurance by itself but if you'd like more, you just have to pay for it. The postage for Parcelforce Datapost is very expensive, esp for a heavy item but it's FAST! When I bought my regular Paddy off another UK seller, I paid 66.30GBP in postage (to Australia), and that's without extra insurance. It offers full tracking so the chances of it being lost are very slim. However, if you just use Royal Mail International Signed-for, that only offers limited tracking so you'd be paranoid a couple of days while waiting for your package:smile:
  7. Yikes! I am going to try to find one in the States first. Nordstrom said they should get some in the next few months, and I am calling Chloe in NYC first thing tomorrow. Maybe I will get lucky. :blink: