Looking for white-ish Louboutin phyton NP for wedding!!

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  1. Please help me find one in size 37. It's like catcat's.

    Do you think it's appropriate as my wedding shoes?
  2. ^ Haha, goodness! I haven't spoken to you in eons and you're getting MARRIED? What happened to you-know-who? I need updates!!!
  3. I had originally purchased mine for my wedding shoes, but have since changed my mind. Saks carried them in May of 2007, so it will be pretty hard to find them. I'm sure we'll all keep an eye out for you!:yes:
  4. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Darn I wish you would have posted sooner. I saw these sell the other day in your size! :sad:


    Perhaps email "onlymoda" and ask her if she has anymore or to contact you if the winning bidder does not pay. I will keep a look out on Ebay for you!

  5. Yeah!! I just got my dress yesterday!!

    You-know-who is alive..

    What do you want to know? Hehehe.. I'm shy..

  6. Thanks, ashakes :tup:

    Please keep an eye out for me. :heart:

  7. Thanks!! What did you end up wearing, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. My wedding is in August, and I plan on wearing Nude Very Prives w/burgundy tip. I figured I want to get something that I can wear with everything!

  9. wow.. that's perfect..

    i'm in australia, so selections are limited. do you have a lead on which store has what, and if possible, the contact detail of an SA?

    Thanks for getting back to me, Rocky :tup:
  10. ^ LOL, I mean you-know-who is gonna be your MIL? You sure? After all that drama? :roflmfao:
  11. yeah... she "erhhhmmm"... helped me pick my dress..
  12. Worked for me the other month when I wanted my decollete zeppas in white! They actually have lots and lots of stock and don't have everything on eBay so it's worth emailing them to find out what they do have!