Looking for white carved armoire

  1. Any nice sites for decorative carved white wood armoires?
  2. How much do you want to spend? I like onekingslane.com for some pieces. The problem I always have with buying things like that online is that sometimes drawers have a weird smell. When I've looked at pieces at Home Goods for example, there are some that just have this strange manufactured smell. You can't really tell about a smell when buying online.
    I also like this giant vintage flea market in the north east for furniture pieces. If I had a lot of money to splurge I love the white inlaid bone (not real bone) on Roberta Roller Rabbits stuff in teh city. Gorgeous pieces. She has a web site but I can't even find the pieces I'm talking about. I've just seen them in her store as I was walking by.
    May want to check out etsy.com
  3. I want to stay under two thousand dollars. The only piece I found that I love is from restoration hardware children. It has pretty carving and mirrored front doors. They have a 20 percent off sale and the armoire is &1,699.00 regular price. I want it as a focal point in the formal living room which I am finally decorating the way I want to. I just ordered my whitewashed Pergo floors. I want all the furniture to be white in the room .
    My dining room table is big and I bought it from Restoration Hardware last year on sale. I don't like the cheap wood furniture they sell at Home Goods, I have a small decorative cabinet and a year later the inside still has a chemical smell. I also don't want used and repainted. I could do that myself.