Looking for Whiskey Edith?


My baby...
Oct 1, 2007
The West Coast
NMLC Allen has 1 Edith satchel in whiskey for $765 less 20%. I know this is not as good of a deal as the ones from a couple months ago (as low as $510!) but this colour is getting harder and harder to find so $612 is pretty good, IMO. :tup: Additional 5% discount with your NM card.

Go get it before it's gone...


Sep 28, 2007
I was just there on Friday and didn't see it. Was it the shorter one with a thin strap over the top of it? If so, then I did see that. I also noticed that the Edith's that were $510 before and are now $700+ are SOOOO soft. They are really nice. I saw a reg. chocolate Edith and a muscade bowler. There was also a small Edith loaf in white and that whiskey colored Edith I haven't seen before (maybe the one you're talking about?)