Looking for website that sells authentic pre-owned items that i can trust

Jun 18, 2016
Hey guys, i'm looking for some online shopping for pre-owned high fashion items or vintage. If there is any website you know please please tell me the ones i can trust and not afraid of getting a fake products from them.


Dec 18, 2015
It depends on what brand you are looking for. If you search the forum, there are many lists compiled of recommended resellers. Attached is the thread found in the Chanel shopping subforum.


As with any purchase, get your bag authenticated in the brand "authenticate this thread," or for a nominal fee use a recommended third party authentication service prior to purchase.

Boutique Patina and Vintage Heirloom are two very reputable resellers off the top of my head. Both guarantee authenticity and have a no quibble return policy.
Sep 22, 2013
Millburn, NJ
I rarely buy or sell on eBay anymore (ten years of selling/buying on eBay experience) , it's a dangerous place. I recommend Tradesy, authenticity is guaranteed, no hassle returns.

Make sure to download the Tradesy app, I browse it all day long! It is very well designed...much much better than the former "Poshmark"...do people still use that website?