Looking for warm jacket like a Northface..

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  1. Ive been looking into buying a Northface jacket to keep me nice and warm in winter (Im in the UK) but im being put off by the reviews about the goose down. Ive heard it smells horrible when its wet and the feathers keep poking out.

    So, basically I want something which is equally warm but with man made material like hollowfibre or something?

    If anybody has any suggestions or anymore reviews on the Northface jackets please chime in :smile:
  2. Hi Oggers86,

    You should look into the NorthFace Women's Parka $299. (http://www.thenorthface.com/catalog/sc-gear/womens-jackets-vests/womens-arctic-parka.html)Being in NY (which has the worest winter) and a person who gets cold easily, this is one of the best jackets and warm. This is waterproof so there is no smell and I never had any issues with feathers poking out. I had this jacket since 2005 and this is a very popular and best seller jacket!
  3. I'm a North Face lover! I have several NF coats, and never had feathers come out or have them smell...The Metropolis is my favorite - its long and but body hugging so you dont look like a giant stay puff marshmallow, you can see curves even with it zipped up. Has a detachable hood which is nice. Comes in 4 really pretty colors too! Onlt thing about their jackets, they have static a lot of the time, so I spray mine with static guard before I out them on each time and that takes care of it.
  4. I have Postcard's City Coat. It's filled with primaloft. It is my main winter coat. But it is priced higher than NF coats.
  5. I have a windproof North Face down jacket, and I've been wearing it for almost 13 years. I haven't noticed any strange smell when it's damp--that's the first I've heard of that issue.

    I love my jacket--I wear it all winter, and there have been a few odd feathers that have poked out of the sleeves, but it isn't a big deal. I highly recommend the wind proof down jackets--they are worth the extra money. The wind can blow through regular down jackets, and that decreases the warmth. I'm in a cold climate, so it makes a big difference.

    You can wash down in the washing machine, using a gentle detergent. When you put it in the dryer, be sure to take a clean running shoe, put it into a pillow case, and tie it closed. Put the shoe in the dryer with the wet jacket. The down has to be "beaten" a bit to re-gain its loft. If you don't do this, the jacket will dry, but be all flat.

    I bought several NF items years ago when I worked in a camping/outdoor store. I still use them all, and they're all in good condition.

    I have a NF winter sleeping bag with Hollofil--that's a really warm insulator too.
  6. I have a North Face Arctic Parka. It has never smelled funny nor has any feathers poked through. I highly recommend it!
  7. The one im specifically looking at is the womens nuptse jackets if anybody has one or any specific info about this jacket? Its been interesting to hear the comments, in the last week iv seen two people wearing them, surely if they were that bad nobody would want to wear them??
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    ^^ my sister has that one! It's extremely light weight and very very warm. We have -35 celcius weather here, and a lot of people wear them. If it gets really cold where you are, I would recommend something longer like the greenland or arctic parka as the nuptse hits at around your belt line and could possibly leave your rear and hips cold.

    The great thing about the longer styles is they are tailor made for women, they don't leave you looking boxy or like the michellin man! The nuptse is great too and comes in different colours.

    Nuptse (appear to be sold out on Northface.com) http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_The-North-Face-Womens-Nuptse-Jacket_10015634____

    Greenland: http://www.thenorthface.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TNFSearchResult?langId=-1&storeId=207&catalogId=10001&searchTerm=greenland

    Arctic Parka: http://www.thenorthface.com/catalog/sc-gear/womens-arctic-parka.html?parent_category_rn=&cm_vc=Search
  9. I have a nuptse jacket in white color. You can definitely wash the jacket, but make sure you dry it with a few tennis balls in the dryer. The jacket doesn't stink at all, but just make sure if you ever wash the jacket...make sure you dry the jacket very well. Also, Northface's jacket such as Thunder jacket has waterproof coating on it. Water just beat off...as long as you are not wearing in pouring rain, it will be fine.

    If you are looking for warmer jacket than Northface, I really like CAnadagoose jacket. ( http://www.canada-goose.com/ ) I wear Canadagoose jacket up in the Arctic & it's very well made..keeps me very warm..(it has 4 layers of fabric so down won't poke thru and it's wind resistant too.....It's really amazing!......It's made with 100% Canada Goose down & the jacket is made in CAnada. About 80% of the people up in the Arctic wear CAnadagoose jacket too. I have the Solaris jacket. If you are not looking for a warm jacket (less fill power), a lot of people like CAnadagoose "Kensington" which is a longer style that is form fitting and it's very flattering on women. Also, I notice Northface jacket is made in China & I don't know where their source of down from. HOpe this helps!

  10. I have this one! Love it :tup:
  11. I have the Metropolis one in black and I highly recommend it! It's very warm (I've worn it in -35 celsius) and very comfortable and light ... I've had mine for a lil' over 3 years and it still looks great. I've had no issues with the feathers poking out. However, I just ordered the Canada Goose Kensington and should receive it next week ... I'm excited to see how it compares to the Metropolis. There's a big price difference so it better be amazing! LOL
  12. Well being in England and not intending to venture anywhere colder it doesnt have to be warm enough for -35 degrees but I prefer being warm so I want a warmer jacket. Ive seen the nuptse on a woman and it looked great. I used to own a puffer jacket and it seemed to suit me so im guessing the style will look fine! As for the waterproofness...well im not really an outdoorsey person so going out in the pouring rain is something I do only when its necessary and I usually take an umbrella. None of my other coats are waterproof which is fine, I was just worried about the smell if it got wet...

    Im definately leaning towards getting one as you have all given great reviews. But for once im not going to jump in and buy something so keep all your opinions coming, if I decide to get it il let you all know and of course post a review when i recieve it :biggrin: