Looking For / Want Thread

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  1. Vlad ...

    How about a new thread -

    "Looking For / Want" as in "I'm looking for a Balenciaga Magenta City, etc.".

    What do you think?
  2. oh ceejay..that is a great idea..their have been a few posts in the marketplace for bags that we want as opposed to selling...good thinkin!
  3. Just my .02; we allow this on our car forum and it creates a fertile environment for unscrupulous vendors.

    It is too late for our car forum; since we have decided to allow it (we just don't allow private messaging until someone has 100 posts); but, it can create issues. Vendors use the private messaging system to lure people.

    For this reason I say this is not a good idea; as people with fake bags to sell would be jamming up anyone's PM box who said what they were looking for.
  4. Precisely, that is why I have been rejecting more WTB (Want To Buy) threads in the Marketplace section.
  5. Ooooh ... GOOD POINT!!! Sorry about that ... I keep on forgetting that guests can look at the posts (I guess I'm used to a more restrictive environment). Totally understand and agree ...