Looking for Violet gsh daybag???

  1. After struggling with my workbag which is truly beautiful, I am now looking for
    the daybag in gsh!!:sad:

    Does it still excist and where??

    Can someone advice me???:confused1:

    I would be so grateful, I feel kinda bad, because my work is the one I really
    wanted, but I better go with the day for an "everyday" bag.:flowers:
  2. Try Neiman Marcus San Diego. I think they might still have one. Ask for Tonya.
  3. :yahoo:Yay.....I found one, the last one at NM.....it is coming tomorrow.

    So finally I can try on both and decide, which is the winner.

    Besides that, I`m getting a daybag in Pine with ggh, as soon as BalNY calls
    me.....yeah, love that color too.:tup::nuts::upsidedown:
  4. oh so happy for you swiss. i love mine and know you will love yours.
  5. Well my next step is deciding between the work and daybag, can`t keep both>>:confused1:
  6. Post pics Swissflower!!! They sound gorgeous!!!
  7. Oh it so difficult to choose, after a long day and I worked hard today....:sad:she
    came with FED EX.....must post pics....

    The daybag is wonderful....it is what I really wanted, so i thought it should be
    easy to decide between the two.:nogood:

    Oh well it is not, I feel I want to keep both, the leather is very nice on the daybag-plus
    I love the work for "schlepping" around more stuff and looks classier??!!
    Which one to keep!!??:confused1:

    Still I have not decided, I will go to bed and dream about it.:upsidedown:

    Normally I can decide fairly quickly, but this color makes me want to:lol: buy them all.

    Absolutely a stunner color.:jammin:
  8. yay, I'm glad you found the purple day ... you like 'em both, maybe you should keep both:graucho:
  9. :graucho:Yeah, I do want to keep both, but I will get a Pinedaybag next week.;)