Looking for vintage ligne tote

  1. I know this is a long shot and I should have bought it when I could last year but Im looking for it in black preferably or a nice dark color...

    It retailed for 1995 USD I think...

    Any ideas on where I can still find one would be great!!!

  2. or the cloudy bundle n/s tote...the one Rachel Bilson has I think...


    What is the main difference btw these two bags? Anyone have side by side pics to compare?
  3. I have both totes in the n/s style.

    The CB is made of very soft, crushed lambskin (which is not at all delicate or difficult to care for). The finish has a clouded effect - subtle variations in color shading - more noticable on the lighter colors. The hardware is copper (which I personally find looks odd on the black). The shape is more rounded than square, with a round base. It is a true n/s shape, longer versus wider. The top has a magnetic snap closure.

    The VL is made of soft, distressed calfskin which really does look vintage IRL. The hardware looks like a tarnished silver. The shape and base is more square/rectangular, and it has a zip top closure.

    Both bags are very lightweight, roomy, and easy to carry. Neither slip off my shoulder, but the VL stays on better due to the thicker handles.

    Pics below:

    Brown VL:

    "White" CB:
  4. ohhh thanks roey for the info!!!

    now I wonder if I can find either in a black or dark brown =X

  5. I have the VL in dark chocolate, and it's a gorgeous tote! :heart: I love Roey's too!! :smile: Here is a pic of mine:


    And me "modeling it." :p


    I got on the VL tote bandwagon a bit late haha, but DJO (Damien) who works at Saks was able to track one down for me. To my knowledge, that was the last one in the Saks system (besides one that was possibly defective according to him), but you never know!! ;) :tup:
  6. I just spoke with Carol at Hirshleifers (800-401-9313) and she said she has this bag in brown (like Roey's) and chocolate brown. I personally don't know this store but I've read from other tPf members' posts that they are the exclusive Chanel retailer in Long Island,NY. (correct me if I'm wrong, ladies)
  7. Hi. :smile: Yes, they are as far as I know... I've never shopped there myself, but I know of the store. :yes: