Looking for Valentine's Key Chain

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Have any of you seen the Valentine's Day Key Chain in the stores yet and if so where...

    Thanks for your help !!
  2. hi dorreen , its avail at beverly hills boutique they were 290.
  3. Saw one last weekend in Montreal, Canada!
  4. i saw it in hong kong 2 days ago
  5. Tysons Corner boutique has them as well. Saw them yesterday and almost bought one but I was livid at what happened to my MA purse. (Sent it out for repair 6 weeks ago and came back with no repair made!!!) I couldn't justify buying squat from them.
  6. WHAT??? That's outrageous!!! I hope you were making a lot of noise at the boutique!!! :cursing:
  7. Not to hijack this thread, but I was going to buy the keychain and didn't. Not only because of the non-repair but because they had received two purses (the same style, color). I wanted one and said I'll be down Sat. Please hold it. They didn't; both were sold. (Granted I should have given the cc info but figured two, what's the chance of both selling immediately.) I have posted a thread about the day from Hell at Chanel. I ask those with patent bags to help me determine how much is fact and how much is bullsh_t.
  8. Scot said he has a few and even the bracelet~
    soo call him at 415 981 1550 and tell him wai told u and i am sure he will get it for u
  9. I just bought a black keychain and the matching Valentine bracelet/keychain with multiple charms two days ago. :yes: For the keychain with the big heart, they had all colors (black, pink, white, and blue).

    Chanel Ala Moana
    My sales associate is Judy Chin, but she's on vacation.