Looking for Ursala Elise in Black

  1. Hi Everyone. If anyone sees this bag at a retail store, please let me know. I called several Bloomindales & Saks in Miami per another members suggestion. The stores did not have it. I didn't find the salesreps very knowledgeable at either of the stores I called. They didn't seem to know what bag I was referring to. Hopefully someone has seen it recently. I really love it!! Thanks for your help. Kim
  2. I've had that problem calling department stores, too. I say I'm looking for a Marc Jacobs such and such and they're like "a what? excuse me?" and then I have to backpedal and describe it in detail. I've still never successfully found a bag this way, I guess maybe because I give up after 3 stores because the process is so tiring.
  3. Kezza. I couldn't agree with you more. I am calling these high end department stores & nobody is answering the phone. I must have called Bloomingdales 6 times on 2 different days & nobody ever answered. I finally got someone in another department to help me. So I really don't know if they had the bag or not. They didn't seem familiar w/Marc Jacobs & the bags as we know them "Elise", "Bowler", etc... don't seem familiar to the sales associates. Kim
  4. Kim, I am sorry to hear that. Some SAs are more knowledgable than others. The SAs at my local Bloomies & Saks are so-so; I have better luck with some SAs at Nordstrom (didn't get Ursula Elise though) & NM. How about calling 1 MJ boutique and 1 NM? You can just call 1 store & ask the SA to do an item lookup. Good luck, will let you know if I come across any. =)

  5. Thanks Baglover. I did call a MJ boutique & they did check their system. SA told me they had gotten a lot more of the colored bags, but did confirm that the black had been sold out. If it is meant to be, it will be. If not I will look for another style. Maybe the Stam. They seem easier to get. I am not sure I will want such a heavy bag. I am going to visit my sister in Chicago next wkend, so I will look at the new styles too. Thanks for your reply!! Kim
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