Looking for Turnlock Bowler in Brown

  1. I would really like to get one in dark brown. I have the firebird red and love it. I check Zappos and ELuxury daily. Any other suggestions?
  2. Try calling Nordies, they can check the stores. Then NM/BG/Saks and of course MJ. I'm not seeing it online.
  3. Fall 06 colors: Dark Brown, Firebird Red, Yam, Black, ...
    Stores are getting Resort 06 colors for this series - Black, Carbon Blue, Sunset, Moss, ...

    As of yesterday, these Bowlers are available at MbyMJ store in LA (323-653-0100):
    Black - 4
    Carbon Blue - 3
    Moss - 5
    Yam - 2
  4. I thought saks had these? or Neimans? gonna have a look around.

    bag.lover... what kind of color is the sunset?

  5. Here is a pic of a Sunset wallet and bowler:
  6. I ordered the sunset and sent it back, it was too orange for me. Let me know if you find the brown anywhere please:smile:
  7. hm.. yea.. not a fan of the sunset