Looking for Turnlock Bowler in Black

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  1. Hi,

    Visiting with a friend this weekend and she saw my chocolate bowler and wants to get one in black. They're gone from Zappos already. Can anyone page me with a recent sighting of one so I can help her find one?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Boy, you have to get one as soon as you see it or they're gone! Over the weekend they had some on Zappos and they're gone already?
  3. Thanks for the hints. No luck still. Called SCP Bloomingdales and I was told they don't have any bowlers in any color. Left a message for Bergdorf for a call back. I called SF Bloomingdales just in case. Two different operators tried to transfer me to the dept and my calls were disconnected. Ugh!
  4. I hope you find one!! I love mine. Keep checking Zappos everyday, one might pop up again. Good luck!
  5. Missypoo - Thanks. I know you were able to get one. I just got a call from Bergdorf's -- nice person -- but they are out of stock (all colors). I'll have to keep checking.
  6. WCLC - I'll check the SF stores for you this week since I'll be there anyways. And if they have it, I'll put it on hold and let you know
  7. Try Nordstrom? One call to them and they should be able to check all the stores.
  8. MYJ - That's so sweet. Thanks for offering to check the SF stores but I have
    Good news!

    The quest is over. I was able to find one on Eluxury tonight in black!!! How weird is that. Hopefully, it's not a defective or returned one.

    Another great TPF member paged me with another option, too. Thank you so much.
  9. I'm so glad you found one!! Post pics when you receive it.
  10. I'm glad you were able to get your bowler, Andie!
  11. The black is backordered until 12/12 at Nordstroms, but the Yam is available.
  12. Stores are getting Resort 06 colors for this series - Black, Carbon Blue, Sunset, Moss, ... As of yesterday, these Bowlers are available at MbyMJ store in LA (323-653-0100):
    Black - 4
    Carbon Blue - 3
    Moss - 5
    Yam - 2

    Fall 06 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Firebird Red, Yam, ....
    Black often gets repeated on any returning style.
  13. Styledrops.com has the black, but oooooo is it overpriced!! :shocked: