looking for trouser jeans

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  1. i don't remember if i asked this already. i am desperate to find a good pair of denim trousers. i don't even know where to start though. i'm a bigger girl- size 12 with a booty. i prefer AG jeans but i don't think they make trouser jeans. I went to nordies online last night but was so overwhelmed because i don't know how paige or joe's jeans fit or any of the others. does anyone have any suggestions for good trouser jeans esp for bigger girls? thanks!
  2. i have seven lisa trousers that i absolutely adore.
  3. 7FAM makes the Dojo jean and they also have the Ginger Wide Leg.

    COH has the Faye and Paige Premium has the Santa Monica trouser.
  4. i was looking at the dojo. off to look those all up. thanks guys!
  5. I agree with the SFAM Ginger Pants, I love these, very lightweight denim great for the summer! I think they're on elux, I got mine from shopbop.
  6. They have them at Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus as well. I got mine from Nordstrom.
  7. ok, looking at both the dojo and the ginger- which is more trousery? the ginger has a better wash but seems like a way more flared leg? is anyone a bigger size like me?
  8. The ginger is super wide leg, so much more flared imo than the dojos...dojos are described to be a trouser fit whereas the ginger wide leg is really very wide leg.......on that note, however, i find the gingers to be more flattering than the dojos, by far. i think the ginger's wide leg would only look ridiculously flared if you have super skinny legs/thighs....if not, they look more trousery. the ginger also looks more dressy than the dojos, maybe it's just the wash.
  9. Ordered! i got the ginger pants in the mercer wash. thanks everyone! i keep thinking i should get another pair to compare but i think i'll try these first. i got them from shopbop- they were the only place that had them in my size :sad:
  10. Let us know how you like them!
  11. thanks! i will! it may be a while til i get them. lol. i'm so excited! man, i hope they fit.
  12. yay! i bought them online without trying em on and was also a bit anxious, but the ginger wide legs are SO flattering, and the wash is SO gorgeous and can be dressed up/down...not to mention the fabric is really soft and comfy. it's supposedly "high rise" but i can't imagine a lower rise being as comfortable. i hope you'll love them!
  13. What size did you get? I bought Ginger in one size smaller that my normal size but they are so soft I wonder how much they will stretch.
    Let me know what you guys think.
  14. The Ginger is great! It does not look flared on IMHO. The Nordstrom site really exaggerates the flare but ti doesn't look like tht on me. I sized down 1 size and they're perfect.
  15. AG is making trouser jeans called 'the mona,' 'the merlot' and 'the flow' (i'm a buyer) but those are fall '07 i believe... for holiday there will be one called 'the deco.'

    Joe's has 'the wide leg muse' which is beautiful, and a great fit.