looking for tote suggestions

  1. Ladies,

    I'm a relatively new fan of LV, only owning one bag (a Boulogne)...but I'm looking to make another purchase and I'm hoping for some advice.

    There isn't a boutique near me, so determining the size of bags is hard, even with the sizes listed. Sometimes it's just hard to visualize them.

    I'm a lobbyist, so I'm looking for a tote to use instead of a briefcase. It will need to hold a smaller bag (which will have my personal belongings--cash, ID, credit card, lip stick, keys), a small laptop, and about a dozen files.

    I am looking at the Cabas Piano and the Cabas Mezzo, but I'm not sure which one is the right size. Or, if someone has another suggestion I'm open...

    Thanks so much. I love the idea of getting a timeless tote that I won't feel needs to be relpaced every year of so to keep from looking "dated."

  2. cabas piano! personally i think the mezzo looks huge....good luck!
  3. I think the cabas mezze would be perfect. I don't think you can fit a lap top and files in the piano it's pretty small. The Batignolles horizontal is also a good choice.
  4. I would also recommend the Batignolles horizontal or the Babylone. I used to own a Damier Babylone and you could fit files and a smaller sized laptop in the bag.
  5. I love the mezzo!
  6. I'd get the mezzo. It would fit alot more!
  7. How about:

    1) Damier Chelsea
    2) Damier Peroli
  8. I like the Mezzo, I think the Piano would be too small to hold all that stuff! IMHO!
  9. I would suggest the Mezzo as well....I have the Batignolles Horizontal and it doesn't fit files!!
  10. mezzo or neverfull y not ???:tup:
  11. There is no way you could fit files and a laptop in a Piano! Definitely the Mezzo-- it looks very professional and very sturdy. Try one on just to make sure of the size.

    You might like the Neverfull MM or GM, but you'd want to take a look at those too. I am facing the same issue trying to find a work bag that's big enough to comfortably carry a laptop and files.
  12. i recommend the Batignolles horizontal.
  13. Either the Batignolles Horizontal, the Saleya or the Neverfull
  14. oh sorry i totally missed the part about the laptop, files, etc. go for the mezzo!
  15. I second that:tup: