looking for tomato or violet flat messenger-help!

  1. If anyone sees a rouge or violet flat messenger, please PM me! I am dying for one or both and they are impossible to find. Rafaello.com and diabro.net each had one but they lasted about 2 seconds and I didn't act fast enough. I have called Paris and have emailed the London stores on Bal's website... I heard that Europe had more of the flat messengers. Bal NY doesn't even carry them anymore.:sad:
  2. I love the flat messenger, too. I actually got my Violet FM from Rafaello. I NEVER look at that site and by chance I decided to "browse" there and saw the V FM, I bought it right away. I saw the one on Diabro, it was there for several days, so pretty. I had to restrain my hand from buying it in lieu of waiting for S/S 08.... Maybe email Diabro and ask if they have more or will be getting more? Also, have you tried calling any more of the Euro stores? Please let me know if you have any luck and keep hawk-eyeing these sites for new arrivals. Good luck to you, fellow Texan!
  3. Thanks! I will keep you posted. I did ask Diabro and Rafaello about getting more and they said just to keep checking the website. I am in the process of facing Europe- whew, I feel so guilty speaking no foreign languages (just incredibly bad French that would never be as good as their English).
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a violet FM!!! Please post a picture!!! :heart::love::drool: