Looking for Tod's bags

  1. Hi everybody, I am Daniela from Brussels. I have been looking for a couple of Tod's bags both in their stores and on line but I cannot find them. Does anybody have some tips? I would like to buy the Carey Sacca Grande and the New D-bag Grande, both in red. I saw the D-bag for sale on e-Luxury but it is in patent leather which I do not like, while the Carey is nowhere. Thanks for your suggestions!!!

    drg :confused1:
  2. Posting pictures would also be very helpful....many of us are not familiar w/the names of the bags, but we can remember the "look" of bags and maybe even where we've seen them.
    Good luck
  3. I don't know if Saks and NM ship to Europe, but they're an excellent source of handbags. I should add that I love Tod's handbags too and there is also an active thread in the General Discussion discussing Tod's.
  4. Here is a black D-Bag in large.[​IMG]

    dierregi are you looking for the 'D' bag or the restyled 'D' bag?
  5. dierregi TOD'S has a store in Brussels, call them and ask them if they have the bag you want in Red. The current line only has the red patent leather restyled d bag. There is an outlet in New York and Orlando, if you know anyone going there, ask them to look for you.
  6. Thank you for your tip. I might go to Orlando myself in September, via New York, so I guess I just have to sit and wait....
  7. Thanks to all the people who answered. I went to the Tod shop in Brussels but they do not have any red bag. I check regularly the sites of Saks and NM, but so far no luck. I am posting the photos of the two bags, as suggested. I saw a similar one for sale in Bloomingdale, by Adrienne Vittadini, but I have never heard of this designer and the bag is far from the glorious Carey, which I love. Does anybody know about Vittadini bags? It's the third one
    dbag.jpg Tods_Carey_Sacca_Grande_Tote.jpg 713462_fpx.jpg
  8. You are looking for the Restyled D bag. The outlet in Orlando might have it this summer. The Carey tote I was at the outlet in New York in November. Call them at (845) 928-3636 and ask them if they have the bag, maybe they will ship to you or the store in Brussels.
    Good luck!
  9. dierregi, They have the restyled D bag in red at the TOD'S store in NYC on Madison. They have it in Media and Grande. Call them, I know they ship, maybe they will ship to Belgium.
    (212) 644-5945
    I was just there today Saturday and they had the bag.
    Good luck!
  10. Styledrops and Bluefly have the red restyled D-bag right now.
  11. Thank you so much Isabel. I called the NY outlet, but they don't ship to Europe, so I hope to have better luck with the Tod shop.

    Thanks again !!!!!
  12. Thanks Lorelaii. The first one is what I am looking for, but in a bigger size. I am not giving up.