Looking for Tivoli PM

  1. Hi gals, where can I get a Tivoli PM?? Thanks
  2. waitlist in as many store as possible, also try the 1866vuitton. It's currently sold out nation wide, but if you call, sometimes 866 might find it for you.
  3. You know, eBay is selling alot of them but the date codes are different and I don't know what that is about. But if you waitlist, make sure you provide a credit card because it will bump you up on the list. At least that is how they are doing it in Hawaii. I was on the waitlist for about 3 weeks so it isn't too long. I love my tivoli pm bag.

    Good luck.
  4. Hi, newcomer to LV and have the tivoli pm also...I was wondering where do guys find the DATE CODES at??
  5. Date codes are located in the pocket.;)