Looking for Timeless Clutch in black caviar

  1. Has anyone seen the Timeless Clutch in Black Carviar leather lately? Are they still in stores? I want to track one down and a heads up on some specific stores to contact would be great!
  2. You should be able to find them at Saks, NY. Just call them, and If they don't have it, they will find it for you. Good Luck!
  3. Chanel Ala Moana has it in black patent and black caviar.


    Tell Judy Chin that Isabel sent you!!!
  4. Hello,

    I just bought one a week ago from Chanel Bellagio and they had several versions in stock. Give them a try, 702-765-5505, Alexandra is lovely to deal with. HTH :smile:

  5. My SA at Saks in Phoenix is a doll... when I was there a few days ago they had the clutch is black caviar, white caviar, black patent, and I think even black lambskin...

    Give Carol a call at 602 955 8000!
  6. NM palo alto has it.
  7. And to add to all that, the timeless clutch is relatively easy to find, especially in black caviar. It's part of the classic/timeless Chanel collection which means it's always being produced.

    It will be harder, however, to find it in colors like red, grey, purple, etc. Black, white, and patent are generally readily available.
  8. Tyson's Chanel store in VA had them too.
  9. saw it at Bloomingdale's NYC last night. If you get it this weekend, you get a GC to spend in the store. For every $250 you spend, you get $50 in GC.
  10. Saks. Chevy Chase MD had it in caviar and lambskin as of 4pm today.
  11. The gals in my office just chipped in and purchased the Timeless Clutch in black caviar for our boss. She loooved it. i also bought the black satin one for my self during double points at Bergdorf Goodman.call Joseph.. hes the Chanel specialist there...212-872-2858
    Good luck!!
  12. Thanks for your help everyone!