Looking for tights- any suggestions?

  1. Hi TPF'ers,

    I'm looking for tights- something with cute patterns, like little polka dots- I'd like something like the picture I attached, but full tights and not thigh-highs.

    Any ideas where I can get some that are not too expensive?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Hi again,

    No takers? ;) :p

  3. H&M has cream tights with white polka dots. Urban Outfitters has houndstooth, and black with white polka dots. Victor & Rolf by H&M had sheer tights with a heart print woven in available in black and red. (Very similar to the pic attached but with hearts instead of dots) Good luck finding those though. Also, Forever 21 has solid colors and lacey tights.
  4. Target has a bunch of patterned tights...the problem is finding your size.
  5. century21, syms or loehmans