Looking for this pair of chanel earrings!

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  1. Hi girls, does anyone know if this pair of earrings is still available anywhere? And how much is it retailing for? Thanks in advance! :smile:


    picture credits to cocos_boutique99
  2. I know there are some available at Saks. I looked for some the other day for a client and we had to order them but they are out there. If memory serves correctly they run $240ish. HTH! :smile:
  3. I am looking for the same pair of earrings. I live in Finland and there are no Chanel boutiques near here. Do they ship items overseas if requested, e.g. at Saks? Does anyone know? That seems to be the only way for me to get them... :sad:
  4. Those are $200 and they come in white and black. The boutiques have them. They are current season.
  5. They still have them at your country? I'm from singapore and they only have the ones in black now cause the white's sold out :sad: Should I just get the black?? Hahaha
  6. Yes thank you! :smile: I just went to check at my local boutique yesterday and turns out they still have the black ones. Should I just get the black ones?? Can't decide if white's nicer or black! Haha
  7. I think they don't if I'm not wrong. But you can perhaps try asking a SA to mail it to you? Though it may be quite of a hassle. At least thats what people advise. If not, someone's actually selling a brand new pair on ebay but at a marked up price of $300+ usd :sad: Hope you'll manage to get the earrings eventually!
  8. Can I trust that the earrings they sell on ebay are authentic?
  9. In what different sizes do the cc logo earrings come? What are the measurements?