Looking for this kind of bag...

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  1. I am looking for a messenger bag or an across the body type of bag.
    * Medium Size
    * Nylon or fabric strap (NO leather...it's too stiff)

    If you have any suggestions in any price range I would really appreciate it :heart: !

    Thank you...
  2. prada had a lot of nylon bags!
  3. [​IMG]

    Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane leather-and-canvas bag, $725, at Dior Homme, NYC

    I love this bag! And it really doesn't matter if it's supposed to be for men :biggrin: Its so pretty!!
  4. I have a Prada messenger bag (nylon) and it's wears very well. If you get a mark on it you can simply get a damp cloth and voila - back to new!!!

    i've got my beady eyes on a Mulberry Anthony next but this is leather and quite a thick leather too.

    I've heard the balenciaga messengers are very soft leather so if you do like leather that maybe an option???

  5. If you want to go high end, LV Broadway.
  6. Depending on size...Jack Spade...even Manhattan Portage (they have every size and every color you could want). I used to lug my college textbooks in one.
  7. medium.. what does it mean to you?

    just bought a great Longchamp but it may be to big for you...
    I needed the size to carry some papers and in doubt my ibook with me
    saying that I guess it's a large one..

    Prada is good, the only ones doing nylon currently.. LV is offering some cute ones- alway look at the mens collection too- they have the better ones!
  8. Personally I love LeSportsac's messenger bags. Right now their web site doesn't show the number of colors and patterns that they normally have but here is a link to the web site:

    7852 Deluxe Messenger

    Here in Seattle I find the handbags in person at Macys. Peggy
  9. Thank you everyone...the search goes on :sad: