Looking for this Gucci bag..

  1. Has anyone seen this in a store near them?

  2. You did not post a picture
  3. I don't see it and the link gives me a ton of pop ups?
  4. Same here. I thought it was just my computer.
  5. same here..
  6. Is that Amanda Bynes?
  7. Yes amanda bynes
  8. I still didn't see the bag you were referring to?
  9. is this really a gucci purse? also, this isn't amanda bynes...
  10. (double post, sorry)
  11. The picture that finally opens isn't Amanda Bynes, it looks like a scene from a CSI show or something? And no handbag....
  12. i didn't see a gucci bag.
  13. It was Amanda..I don't know what happened. Here is the bag:

  14. I went to the store looking for this bag. I actually saw Amanda Bynes last year at Fred Segal with this bag. I had to follow her around to get a better look. I was told by my Gucci SA that this bag is unavailable in United States. They are ALL sold out and we can't order them. I guess some people are just lucky.

    I covet this bag.

    By the way, I believe this belongs to the Grace line. They have the white version of this in leather (with a yellow band instead of the blue). It's priced at $1495. I was also told that this line is included in the June sale.