Looking for this grey baby...

  1. Hi everyone! I'm in love with a prada for the 1st time. I found it in this thread started by Jill http://forum.purseblog.com/prada-and-miu-miu/finally-lol-posting-new-prada-pics-u-all-164504.html

    It's the grey color tote you can see in the 1st pic. How can I find one here in NY? Are they in stores already?How about Saks? Because I want to spend my EGC. I'm trying to call the stores, but I'm not even sure about the name of the collection yet, is it called" glace" or something?

    Plzzzzz help! Thank you very much!!!:smile:
  2. ^I PM'ed U!
    Saks didnt get this bag.Only Prada as far as I know....Contact SONIA at Prada BROADWAY store..she is a fab SA...and thats where mine came from in that thread....(didnt keep though)Have the new trunk bag comin in this week!HEHE!
  3. Thank you Jill, I will go there this Saturday. It's really a nice bag, but you already have many beautiful bags and I'm sure there are more gorgeous ones waiting for you!!!;)
  4. ^I am goin SUNDAY!LOL!
    to the NYC meetup for PFers..I may go SAT and sleepover at a hotel.so maybe Ill see ya at Prada!!LOL!
  5. Although Jill ditched hers, I kept mine. Its now one of my favorite bags - fits over shoulder, roomy, not very heavy and reasonably priced. Plus, I like the "faded" look! ;)
  6. Fashion -- I love the pics of that bag -- do want to see it in person so to speak tho.

    We have room for a few more people for brunch if you want to come on Sunday -- check the tpf meet up threads under the General Forum.
  7. I love to go but I have to work on Sunday.Will you guys go shopping together? Maybe I can meet you guys at Prada on Broadway or Chanel on Spring st.....hehe
  8. Can you tell me how big is the bag ? and what is the name that they called it ? because i don't have any prada stores in where i live, so i have to order it without really see it in person, but i really like it on the pics that Jill took. Any advice will help. thanks