Looking for this for my wife I have no idea please help!!

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  1. My wife is a LV junkie and she really wants this bag and I can't seem to find it. Any idea of the name and or if it's still available??

    Thanks for helping a husband trying to put a smile on his wives face!

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  2. If you post this in the LV subforum You would get more help. WELCOME TO TPF. Very sweet of you.
  3. Welcome to tpf! It's LV Macha from fall/winter 2005 Waltz collection, the only way is to find a pre-loved. Good luck.
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  5. This is called the macha waltz, it's a limited edition item from some time ago and has been discontinued. As this question is not posted in the ID thread, I have to close this thread. :yes:

    Try asking let-trade (http://www.let-trade.com/) to see if he can locate this bag, he is usually pretty good at being able to fulfill requests. If you spot the item on eBay, make sure you have it authenticated !

    Happy hunting. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.