looking for this coach bag..please help!

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  1. hi coach lovers!! i'm looking for a coach bag and hoping someone here can help me. i attached a pic of the colors i want, but i want it in a different style. a friend of mine got one at a coach outlet and i'm in love with it! i can't find a picture of what hers looks like exactly but it is a shoulder type bag, with gold trim going down the middle. if anyone has any idea what the name of that bag would be or where i could buy one i'd really appreciate it. thanks :smile:

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  2. I have seen this bag on Ebay and it goes for a large fee... Search Coach Rare or Coach Limited Edition or if you have the time just Coach bags...

    I hope this helps.
  3. I bought this exact bag at Woodbury Commons outlet back near the end of May. It was selling for $250, and back then the extra coupon was not good on clearance, so that's what I paid. It is a Penelope op art travel satchel, style 13477, B4/P1, and the original retail was $698. Actually the tag reads "PNP OP CN MTL T SATC".

    It's a great travel bag...I just love it, and I get a ton of compliments!! There's also a Penelope black op art travel satchel that I have too that's been at the outlets as well, but people seem to like this multicolor op art one more. However, the caveat is that it has the rose gold metallic leather trim, so over time, I don't know how this will hold up relative to the black op art. It's a pebble texture metallic, and I have not had any problems yet. Also, these bags come with a special thicker (flannel, I think) dust bag, and I LOOOOVE the tags and lock/key!!!

    Oops, ok, I just saw you want another style?? I would call your outlet or even boutique and ask about this bag and any similar pieces. Probably the boutique is better at researching that end of it. I usually buy leather bags, so I don't remember what other pieces they may have in this pattern. I'm pretty sure I only ever saw this particular bag at my boutique in this pattern, but the black op art pattern had multiple pieces, smaller and accessory type pieces and also larger suitcase..and the regular black op art bags. Not sure about this multicolor optic pattern.

    Good luck!!
  4. thanks for the replies! i called around and no one seems to know about the other style in the multicolour. soo i'm going to look for this satchel, hope i can find it. if you ever want to sell yours let me know!! ;) thanks again guys,
  5. Isnt this the basic theme of the new outlet release in Bunny's thread? She had a spy pic of a shoe that looked similar to this but maybe more orange?

    Am I losing it? Always a possibility i guess. LOL