Looking for this bowler bag! PICS!

  1. Okay, realized I must have been looking for this bag all along but did not know it until I saw these pictures in gloriajk's posts in the lookbook thread!!;)

    These are 2 different bags with a similar shape, yes? The one in the Nordstrom catalog is larger? I recognize it as being from the vintage ligne but do not know if its called a tote or bowler.

    Does anyone know what the one from the magazine is called? It says here classic bowler but I do not know what line.

    Does anyone know if either one (not in white) would still be in stores????:p Would love to get either one now!!

    Love it, love it. Thanks in advance!
    attachment-11.jpg attachment-8.jpg attachment.jpg
  2. ohhhh yesss they had the bowler in a gorgeous brown suede so sssexy.
  3. It seems that this may no longer be in stores it seems.....:sad:
  4. I absolutely adore the Vintage Ligne and I have been searching for the Vintage Ligne Square Bowler-style bag. It is very similar to the bag in your picture but it is square shape and maybe a bit smaller. I've been told they are all sold out. A friend of mine supposedly checked the entire Saks system with no square VL bowlers to be found. Not sure if it would be the same for the VL Bowler in your picture...
  5. Hmmm. So Saks out - and it seems no-one has really seen it? Maybe I will just call the 1800 Chanel number.... Hope its still here/somewhere:sad: