Looking for this bag

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  1. hi,
    my girlfriend has birthday on 14.02. and I am looking for this bag in red leather (see pic).
    I am located in Austria (Europe).
    Please help me!!!!!
  2. U can get it thru a PRADA boutique.....The one in NYC (PRADA BROADWAY STORE.I use SONIA there)ships international if u need to go to USA to find it
  3. the only thing is if I will order in the states I have to pay duty. How much is it in NY. The black in Austria costs 1200 EUR.
    Does anybody knows if the bag is available in Europe?
  4. no, it is not exactly the same. but is this homepage legit?
  5. ^STyledrops.com AND RAFFAELLO-NETWORK.COM are both legit sites u ought to check out for the bag too.
  6. thanks it was a try
    raffaello network have it in black and grey, they say it is a spring summer 08. so maybe the red one isn't in stock yet at prada stores???
  7. My Prada store in NYC has the red.....
  8. reallly exactly this one? How much does it cost?
  9. I honestly dont remember the price.....it wasnt bad though.I remember thinking it was less than last years gauffres.
  10. ok, but I would prefer a shop in europe, 'cause of shipping time and duties. Does someone here in forum lives in milano?
  11. hey I also live in Austria, Vienna...

    I saw this bag in Red before christmas at the prada store ... but with a different lock. But its the same bag... you have to ask. They can also order you this bag. You just have to pay 30% in advance...
    Hope this helps,

  12. Style drops and raffaello network are in Europe, they won't charge duty, I bet if you called them they could get one for you.
  13. I have called the shop already, but they told me they do not have this bag and can not order it?!
    I will got there today and ask one more time.

    I also wrote an email to raffaello network.

    thank you all
  14. Thats a really cute bag!
    Good luck finding one :smile: