looking for this bag?

  1. hi im new here and im not sure where to post this..but im a fan of the show thief and a girl in the show has this really cute bag that i've been looking for but i have no idea where its from...i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out...here are sum pictures from it, sorry they're not very clear..but the bag is dark brown with a big red flower on the side and its strap is a lighter brown...




  2. Welcome, sunkist06. Can't help you out but hopefully someone else can. :biggrin: Will try to keep a lookout for that bag during my browsing "excursions" ...
  3. hmmmmm.....it's not a Jennifer Marvin, is it? the flower really resembles her style....
  4. thanks..and i cant seem to see many jennifer marvin bags online...but it did resemeble the ones i found.
  5. a lot of them are custom made, so that might be why....
    hmmmmm....it is a mystery!
  6. Thanks everyone, I'm still looking out for the bag but have had no such luck, I've heard that it could be from a line of Juicy, urban outfitters, and one from poppy line havent heard of the last one though.
  7. it looks a lot like susannah hunter, check her stuff out on Saks or at Barneys. She is the queen of making gorgeous flowers out of leather. there was a movie with renee russo in it and she was wearing some susannah hunter bags a couple of years ago.
  8. coach makes bags that are kind of like that.. it has the basic idea at least.