looking for this bag... anyone know?

  1. i saw someone with this bag and fell in love. i did some searching and i THINK it's this model (shelton, monogram mat) although the one i saw is grayish black and might be little bigger. i've never heard of the mat line and don't see it on eluxury or the LV site. is this a discontinued line/model? any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I believe Monogram Mat is now discontinued. I have seen some of these on Ebay and also Elux had some accessories left some time ago, but no bags. As far as I know, they aren't going to make them anymore.

    We have a few experts though, see what they've heard.
  3. Hi!:smile:

    Yes,indeed,it´s the Shelton from Monogram mat line.
    Unfortunately,this line is discontinued.:sad:
  4. You might also try calling 866 vuitton to see if any store in the country has any left. You never know, I found a brand new discontinued vernis bronze key holder in a store!!
  5. i figured it is discontinued since i couldn't find it online. shucks!
    anyone know when this was out and how much it was selling for?
  6. I love that bag, Sandra has one..

    Sandra..woohooo..where are you??
  7. i'm here :choochoo:!

    yes, that's the Monogram Mat Shelton, which was released in 2004 and at the time retailed for $900+

    it was discontinued last year, i think, but you can still call the 866 and ask if they have any Sheltons left in the country.
  8. thank you ladies!!
  9. I, myself LOVE this exact bag too! I should of have gotten this at that time. Shucks! Love23, let us know outcome! Good luck!
  10. yup, I was gonna say Yeuxhonnetes has a black one! :biggrin:
  11. nope, there aren't any Sheltons left.. they were discontinued AND recalled this August. Your best bet would be Ebay or Let-Trade or any reputable consignment shops. The reason why I know there aren't anymore left is because the week that they announced the recall, I went on a mad hunt for this bag and finally got what I think was the last one. My SA had to actually call the warehouse for me because the one he had ORIGINALLY gotten for me was not in sellable condition. It was $1050 in August.
  12. I just saw this bag at a Finnish auction site. Someone snagged it at a very good price.

  13. You are right - that is a discontinued Shelton. The dimensions are 11.5" by 6.3" by 3.9" and it did come in black (which has a grayish undertone).
  14. I love that line. Too bad I wasn't into LV when that line came out.