Looking for this Ava

  1. Mona,
    that's not the one I saw at NMLC, but they had 3 other styles, so maybe they will get it. I'll keep an eye out.
  2. I will call my Nordies SA maybe she can locate one. If not at Nordies then at the rack!!!
  3. Mona, these are the two that I have. The shoulder version (which I love), it is so easy to carry, holds just enough and isn't very heavy. I really like the look of the satchel better, but end up carrying the shoulder style more.

    bags july 07 001.JPG

  4. ok thanks gals...I love the satchel style....is that the same size as the one on NAP?
  5. Not sure. But have seen the shoulder style one at NR for $599. I am heading down NR SCP tomorrow will keep an eye out for that bag.
  6. Thanks for the help!

    and thanks to everyone else in advance..I feel like I have all the Chloe power women on the lookout for me....:yahoo::okay::woohoo:
  7. I love my Chloe girls! Everyone is so sweeeet.:p You girls rock!!:girlsigh:
  8. Thanks Imon....I want the moka coloured one and that asking price is crazy....I'm gonna call around todaynd see if I can track one down at a decent price.

    I wonder if any will re-appear at NAP. Stuff usually does!
  9. My Ava's are antelope, the Moka is beautiful, and I agree, the satchel is the better style, you have the option of carrying it both ways, in fact, on my next trip, usually take my Tekla, but may take my large Ava--you've re-energized my Ava interest.
    For the right price, my arm could be twisted for a Moka in the squarer version.;)
  10. I have too many bags with the lighter colour and really need a dark brown bag.
    I'll let you know what I find....I have to wait for about 1/2 an hour and then 'll call a few NMLC and NR stores!
  11. There may still be one at Nordstom in Seattle, WA. This Ava is pictured in this post for only $1079.90;
    Nordstroms, Seattle, WA. Contact Peggy Urban (206) 628-1253 - Peggy quickly located two bags for me this week she's very responsive and helpful. I hope you can find it, but now I want one too.
  12. I called her and she said they were all out of this bag! Thx!