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  1. I saw these photos of Camilla and just fell in love with her shoes! Does anyone have these or know where I can get a similar pair? I have a black and white outfit that is just begging me to buy these pumps!

    camilla pointies for Andrea.jpg camilla pointies for Andrea2.jpg
  2. Those look like Louboutins to me. I would try the Louboutin boutiques or Barneys.
  3. Louboutin "tuxedo" Lova shoes, very similar to the Pigalles. They are satin.

    $550 at Barneys. They still have them in the Boston Copley Place Barneys.

    I was considering getting those shoes but I'm not that into the white part....

    They also come in black patent with leopard pony hair for $575. Gorgeous shoes!
  4. I saw a pair recently on eBay. They are louboutin "tuxedo" lova like Sonya said.
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