Looking for these shoeeees :( ...can't find them

  1. Hi girls,
    please, help me find these shoes, can't find them anymore:hysteric::hysteric:

    I guess I overslept....................should have got it before they are sold out :rant: :censor: :rant:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu.
  2. i can't see the pic:sad:
  3. They had them online Neimanmarcus for US$379.00 reduce. Not available anymore. They look really nice. Try calling them for direction.They are from the love and peace collection.
  4. i cant see :S
  5. I also can't see the pic. Please save it to your PC and then attach it.
  6. I hope I am doing it right this time. Thank you Swanky Mama.
    dior love.jpg
  7. Those Dior shoes are from 2 years ago. you won't find them at boutiques or dept stores now.
  8. Hmmm, I actually think they are from last year...
    Maybe outlets??? Anybody??? :hysteric:
  9. Maybe you are right gucci for life. I know it's definitely not from this year.
  10. Hi, the shoes are from about 2 years ago maybe even a year and a half. The collection was called "Janis Joplin" or just "Joplin" as Galliano was was inspired by her music whilst designing this collection. These shoes can probably be found at either a DIOR outlet, Last Call NM or Off Saks. I remember seeing the birkenstock type style at an off Saks recently. If you get the style number and find a super nice SA you can probably hunt them down. Good Luck! :smile:
  11. gucci for life

    There is a whole lot of the peace love dior shoes on ebay. they have your size in the brown or tan in 9 or 9.5
  12. I know, I already got a pair :yahoo:

    Thank you all :tender: