Looking for these CHANEL pumps!

  1. Hi sweets!

    I've been looking for this CHANEL shoes in like forever now. Do you guys happen to know if any of your local CHANEL boutique has them?


  2. wow! I like that shoes..
  3. omgosh..i've been looking for these beauties too!!i've only seen them in d.green so far..
  4. Pretty, I hope you find them. I may need a pair too ... LOL
  5. I saw the burgundy with black tip on sale at Saks just a few days ago. I have not seen the black with white tip for quite some time.
  6. I saw these in green at a sale at NM.
  7. There is a size 9 in Vancouver Holts Renfrew. You can google their number.
  8. I love them too. I saw them at Saks in San Antonio in August along w/ a lot of other Chanel pumps. Not sure if they are still there though.
  9. You guys are awesome!

    Thanks for the info.