Looking for the Sloane...

  1. Hi. I'm a new Kooba convert and am on the hunt for a Sloane in Bark. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find one? They seem to be sold out everywhere I look. I'd appreciate any advice and insight that you might have. Thanks!!
  2. Some on eBay pop up. There are three now, listed w/ the Sloane name. Some ppl may not be familiar w/ the name of the bag, so you may have to go more general to find more.

    Sloane in honey is my everyday bag. I found mine at Off 5th. I have seen some at other Off 5th's too, including bark. Most were around $300 or so w/ discounts available, $370 w/o. I think the Kooba website had the Sloane in bark, but it was still priced high, around 450.00. I'd check the sales online at NM, BG, etc., as well.