Looking For The Prada Gauffre Wallet

  1. Okay, I must say that I now want a Prada Gauffre Wallet. :drool: This will be my first Prada ever (yes, I am a Prada virgin!). I saw the pics posted of the red zip top Gauffre, but also heard someone refer to a flap top style as well. Does anyone have a pic of the flap version? Also.......any suggestions on which to buy and where might be the best place to find one??:drool:
  2. Seems Jill said the red doesn't come in a flap and that's why she got the zip. Here's her black flap style. I saw both zip/flap in black at NM in Charlotte yesterday.

  3. Call Holt Renfrew in canada (the ship anywheres in the world). they have one.
  4. I have the black on in the flap style and the red in the Zipper style..Both are very nice.I paid 475 for the red one
  5. Holt Renfrew? Is that an SA or an actual store? Forgive my ignorance..............:confused1:
  6. Do you mind if I ask if the black flap is around the same price? I haven't been able to locate it on NM, Styledrops, Saks or BG's online????? :confused1:
  7. Do you suggest that I contact the store directly or call the 1-800..... number to locate one? :confused1:
  8. I have the same black flap wallet as Jill - it's a bit less - $460. I got mine by calling a Prada boutique - they sent it to me. That style used to be on the Neiman Marcus website, but now they only have the zipper style.
  9. Either way is fine. NM does have the Personal Shopper option. I think the link is on their customer service page.

    Just a heads up in case you didn't know: if you buy from a Prada boutique you can't get a refund, only a store credit. I'd suggest going NM in the event you don't love it. You can return to NM and get a refund.
  10. NM Fashion Island, Newport Beach had one a couple weeks ago. You should call them 949-759-1900 and ask for the Prada Boutique ...... if it's gone, they can locate one and have it sent to you.
  11. CALL SONIA AT Prada Broadway store in NY...she has these wallets there...
  12. NM or BG online have it!
  13. Thanks everyone...............I'm going to order today!:tup:
  14. Good for you! Post pics when it arrives.
  15. I too really want this wallet, it's on Rafaello Network for almost $600 is this over the odds?

    For those who have it, how is it holding up, does it scratch easily, I tend to throw my keys in my bag and I have a Dior wallet that's scraped quite badly because of that...