looking for the perfect swimsuit

  1. the title says it all.

    you might think it's too soon for summer but trust me, where i come from, summer has begun two months ago...

    i'm looking for the perfect swimsuit. i'm a bit bigger on top so i'm looking for something that doesn't make me look trashy. where can i find a bikini with bling? i'm thinking yellow cuz i currently have a thing for yellow swimsuits, and perhaps with cute bling to the back?

    help? online & off...
  2. Check out the Victoria's Secret website! They always have so many options in so many patterns.
  3. bikinis are my enemy till I get my butt back in the gym. but I'll do some online shopping for ya....
  4. victoria's secret's don't always fit right :sad:
    they look great on the models tho
  5. i too need a new swimsuit. anyone got any suggestions for a girl who has like no boobs?
  6. I love Calvin Klein swimsuits. The fit is amazing!
  7. I love TNA swimsuits, but I am not sure that they are still being made. My second favorite brank is Vixen.

    I also have tons of bathingsuits that I have on the beach. I live in Florida so swimsuits are needed year round.

    There is a big brazilian population 2 towns over from me and I think some of the girls go back home and bring back tons of stuff to sell. A few months ago a girl approached me and asked me if I was intersted in brazilian bikinis. I ended up getting 4 for $20 each!!! so I am set for this summer!!

    Good luck, but I would definitely try to find a brazilian store or something like that maybe online, because they're bathingsuits are the best. (and cheap too)
  8. ^ That's a STEAL! 4 bikinis and each for only $20! :drool:
  9. I would check out Urban Outfitters..online or instore as well as H&M. I could just never understand paying huge $$$ for bathing suits. On the more conservative side, Land's End has a huge range of styles it many different shapes and you can almost custom fit your suit.
  10. Calvin Klein does make great suits and this is OT: but his underwear and bras are TDF to...perfect fit!

    Also check out Newport-News.com You can find a lot of great suits there for every body type and they are gorgeous too.
  11. i agree with calvin klein too.
  12. i agree with Victoria's Secret too
  13. def. go with victoria's secret. I live for their bras and have one bathing suit that's amazing.