Looking for the perfect super durable, brown leather everyday bag

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  1. Hey! I am looking to replace my Miu Miu bow bag. It didnt suit me as i had to be super careful with it. The leather was very fragile and the "karabiners" thin.

    As for now i have an alexander wang rocco, and a MBMJ mini natascha.
    I had the oversized mulberry alexa but that one was way too "floppy"/flimsy/un-steady for my taste. But the oak color is a brown i absolutely love.

    So, can anyone point me in the direction of my perfect new go-to bag?

    I have been looking at the Mulberry Bayswater but the lack of shoulder strap worries me? What do you bayswater owners think? And the double zip bayswater is over my budget sadly.

    I am also loving the Balenciaga city, but i feel like they are more at the fragile end like the Miu Miu? Important to have a bag that i can carry heavy stuff in without being nervous.

    I like "natural" leather the best, like the mulberry bayswater leather. And it has to be brown.:cool:
  2. Does it have to zip shut? This one by Longchamp has a large internal zip pocket but the main closure is a snap. It has a detachable shoulder strap and is super durable. I bought it largely because it's the perfect shade of cognac brown.
  3. Hmm, yes, i prefer a zip or some kind of a loccking mechanism.
    How big is it compared to the oversizzed alexa? Because that bag was too big for me.

    LOOKING good though, grats on the purchase :smile:
  4. Have also been looking at the Mulberry brynmore, but i need it a bit more feminine?
  5. I own both regular bayswaters & double zip.
    Carry regulars on shoulder, hand-carry zippy(with strap attached/tucked inside open space, when need to put on shoulder).
    Bays is my go to bag & love.

    Agreed, natural vegetable tanned leather is lovely. As is brown.
    Both oak & chocolate have fans. And other brown tones float around the brand.
    (Talk louder, so Coca hears you. ;) )

    But, some find bays heavy. Or bulky. Or can't carry on shoulder, for whatever reason.
    So wind up not enjoying.

    Best to try irl, see how feel.
    Good luck.
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  7. I'm not familiar with the oversized Alexa so can't really answer that. It is slightly larger than a Balenciaga City. Speaking of which, if the Bal City is too delicate, have you looked at the Metallic Edge version? It's made of Chèvre, which is super durable.

    Also, have you considered the Givenchy Pandora? Also available in goatskin, so very rugged. The style isn't for everyone, but it is supremely functional.
  8. The Pandora is NOT for me ;)

    And yes, i like those metallic edges, but they do not come in brown at the moment? Maybe its worth the wait..
  9. brown and navy are my fave colors and i also went from miu miu over to bal (the city). i found two pre-loved bal bags - one in brown and one in blue - and i use them almost daily now. the bal leather is very different compared to miu miu leathers, it's much softer and lighter/thinner feeling, but it's nowhere near as delicate as say chanel lambskin. it's fine for everyday and is very carefree and easy and lightweight. something in the bal line (city/first/town) would be my suggestion. i only wish i'd found bal years ago... i would have never bought other brands. their bags are really excellent. the pre-loved route will also get you a bag at a much lower price point.

  10. I also love cognac colored bags - this IS the perfect shade!!
  11. Check out Chloe Marcie bag. Their leather is nice and thick and durable! They have a nice natural tan color. I think they might have a dark brown too.

  12. Do you want something with both top handles and a shoulder strap? I agree with ccbaggirl...gently used Bal City in one of their rich browns would be great. I have an older Chevre Twiggy and I love it. I think the color is Mogano and it's so rich. A City might be more of what you need, but there are lots of good Bal browns.
  13. This is lambskin, not the ME Chèvre, but it is a current brown offered by Bal. I also agree with those who said the lambskin is not as delicate as you might think!


  14. That is a nice bag! May I ask the name? Thanks!!
  15. It's the Longchamp 3D tote.
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